Reducing N-NO3- Leached on Coffee Based Agroforestry System by Inhibit Nitrification

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Almost 50 % percent of nitrogen from fertilizer that given in agricultural land will be lost by leaching. N-NO3- loss by leaching in coffee based agroforestry system can be reduced by inhibiting nitrification process through controlling of litter quality input. To this purpose, a various litter input (single or mixed) from shade trees are applied on coffee based agroforestry system shaded Gliricidia sepium and giving on a single application compared to the same amount of litter provided in small 5-daily increments (‘spoon-feeding’) application. The actual concentration of NH4+ and NO3- in the soil were measured from an extract of soil samples collected at 0 – 10 cm, 10 – 20 cm, 20 – 40 cm, and 40 – 80 cm depth on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 12 th weeks after application (WAA). Application of a mixed litter of coffee + Gliricidia + timber trees (Maesopsis, mahogany and teak) can cause the immobilization of N-NH4+ and N-NO3-. These immobilizations can occur either as single or spoon-feeding application. It is suggested that small amounts (ranging from 30 – 50 kg N ha-1) of inorganic-N fertilizer may be needed at the same time of litter application to avoid N deficiency in multistrata agroforestry systems. The WaNuLCAS simulation explains that efficiency use of soil mineral N in multistrata coffee-based agroforestry from litter decomposition is better than in coffee monoculture.


Key words : Nitrification, Litter quality


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